August 2021


             We're happy to be back in full swing with theater and other shows to entertain! We want to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have expressed to us their continued support. Many of you have told us how much you miss coming to shows and being involved with shows in all the myriad of ways that we come together in friendship and shared passion. We missed you as well. You haven't forgotten about us, and we want to let you know we haven't forgotten about you!

             The Opera House Players "OHP" continue to work hard to keep the historic Elkader Opera House a great venue for quality entertainment. As a 501(3)c non-profit organization the OHP contributed both in money and volunteer hours to the renovation of this structure. We also work to update all technical aspects of lighting, sound, and staging. We fund these projects to assure that our productions, and other great events continue to have a local venue. We have ambitious plans for future musical productions, comedy productions, musical entertainers, family and holiday entertainment, and variety shows. The OHP continues in their dedication to upgrade the theater in order to entice more performers to the Elkader Opera House stage. Your continued response and support to our annual membership drive is extremely appreciated. With the help of our donors we replaced the stage floor and are working to upgrade the stage rigging. We are also participating in the "Art in the Alley" project which will give our theater artists an opportunity to create a mural on the back of the Opera House for all to see.

             Your gracious support not only assists us in maintaining the physical beauty of this historic structure, but also allows us to keep our ticket prices low, so more of the public can enjoy all that this cultural haven has to offer! As a supporting member of the OHP, you can help us to continue to bring local entertainment and theater through our second 50 years. You can help even more by considering the Opera House Players when planning your estate. Beginning this year, you can deduct many donations even if you don't itemize!

             Your tax deductible gift of $25 or more automatically puts your name on a special mailing/email list for the 2021-2022 season and qualifies you for a membership. This level of donation will make you eligible for special deals and incentives offered by the OHP, as well as keep the OHP growing and providing even more fantastic theater experiences for our area. As a thank you to those who become Members (individuals) or Patrons (businesses) at $25 or more, you will be offered the option of early ticket purchasing to OHP productions, to ensure that you can get the seats you want for the upcoming shows. You will be notified approximately two weeks prior to when tickets go on sale to the general public. Only Members and Patrons will be able to purchase tickets during that time.

             The Elkader Opera House continues to successfully host both big name and local performers. If you have a performer or type of performance you would like to see on stage, please let us know! We'll pass that information on to the Theater Board for consideration.


            Jon Banse

            President, Opera House Players


If you would like to become a supporting member, consider this your notification that tickets for Matilda are on sale August 16th for supporting members. Public ticket sales will begin early, on Sept 3, 2021. In general we attempt to maintain a schedule of offering public ticket sales one month prior to the opening performance date. Member ticket sales are approximately two weeks prior to that date.


Please enclose your membership donation. While those donating $25 or more are eligible for early ticket sales, all membership donations are gratefully appreciated. Support levels; which are listed in the program for each performance include:

           Actor’s Circle $25-$49                                

            Playwright’s Circle $50-99                                       Director’s Circle $500-$749

            Choreographer’s Circle $100-$249                          Producer’s Circle $750-$999

            Designer’s Circle $250-$499                                    Angel’s Circle $1000 and above


Business donations in the Choreographer’s Circle and above must be received by Aug 30th, and all other donations by Sept 10th to be included in the fall program. Program covers are printed early for the entire season.


Ticket prices for Matilda will be $13 for Reserved Seating, and $8 for Students grade 12 and under. Tickets prices will be $15 and $10 if paid for at the door.


Should you wish to order tickets at this time, please include your ticket order and show date with the information below. Include your check for tickets and membership. Pricing for tickets is listed above. We will hold your order until the appropriate ticket sales date and process them at that time.

Opera House Players 2021-2022 Supporting Membership Form

Send your memberships / ticket orders to OHP, Box 503, McGregor, IA 52157





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